Welcome to Spandana Foundation

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Veena K. T. (Founder & President) Spandana Foundation, Spandana Foundation is one of the most famous organizations that have been leading the fight for human rights from past 10 years.

Spandana Foundation is regularly fighting for common man’s rights and supporting them from past 10 years and will continue to do the same in future.

Also Spandana Foundation has been a major source of protection for woman on every subject important to women from workplace equality, to reproductive rights. Spandana Foundation is a strong organization that will never give up the fight for the rights of all women & common man in India.


 Our commitment towards a better society
Spandana Foundation staffers act in a manner that reflects a true belief in and appreciation for the dignity and potential of all human beings


Our Vision

Our Vision

We seek a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and people live in dignity and security.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Spandana Foundation helps alleviate poverty and social exclusion by facilitating empowerment of women and girls from poor and marginalised communities.

Our Programme Goal

Our Programme Goal

Women and girls from the most marginalised communities are empowered, live in dignity and their households have secure and resilient lives. Spandana Foundation will accomplish this goal by working with 50 million people to help them meet their health, education and livelihood entitlements.


  • We fight against female infanticide
  • We fight against abuse or violence against women
  • We fight against Sexual harassment
  • We fight against Dowry and Bride burning
  • We fight against Disparity in education
  • We fight against Domestic violence

  • Encouraging & conducting sports activities for government school students
  • We provide jobs in private companies
  • Free tuitions for SSLC & 2nd PU Government school & college students
  • Free coaching & training for KAS & IAS exams for students come from poor families

  • Conducting Spiritual programs
  • Conducting Musical programs for senior citizens
  • Conducting Social network programs
  • Conducting Yoga classes